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Back and Sides for acoustic guitars
Wood for musical instruments

We search, select, process and handle the best suited woods for the making of musical instruments.

As far as woodwind instruments is concerned, we stand for a reliable, permanent source of quality African Blackwood and mopane, the latter for those in search for a competitive alternative.

For the luthiers, unique master grade backs and sides of guitars, of African Blackwood, Pink Ivory and Mopani Colophospermum. Our strategy is to have high quality tables in drying on a permanent basis. We keep a waiting list and will satisfy demand on a first come first serve basis.

ProSono has implemented a very strict quality process that we are proud of. At ProSono, the quality starts in the forestry operation and not at the entrance of the factory. Presence on the spot and continuous supervision by knowledgeable, trained and motivated personnel is the only way to achieve consistency of results in African field conditions.

In the factory the manufacturing process is analysed, checked for results and modified if need be. The blanks are checked at the time of storage and once again at the time of packing. Discarded parts include parts with crack or slit, rot, discoloration, flower or other defects of the timber. If any sapwood, it is only accepted in the angles of the blanks, outside the turning circle. Waxing of parts must be free of air bubbles.  

Musical Instrument woods

We guarantee flawless musical grade parts. We will be pleased to provide testimonies of satisfaction from customers in 30 countries on the five continents.

We stand for the makers of woodwind instruments, worldwide, as a reliable and permanent source of quality African Blackwood, and Mopane, the latter, more in particular, our days, for all those, in search for a competitive alternative.

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