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Wild olive

Wild oliveOlivier sauvage de 400 ans d'âge
Botanical name Olea europea, sub-species africana
Family Oleaceae
Local name Olienhout
English name Wild olive
Distribution Widely spread in Africa, Arabia, India to China.
The tree Evergreen, up-to 14 meters tall. Bark grey-brown and rough, grows in all sorts of habitat, especially woodland, stream banks and rocky hill slopes
The wood Sapwood light brown and heartwood dark reddish brown to dark brown, attractive light black figure, strong, very hard and heavy (air-dry 1.1 t / m3). The wood darkens with age.
Seasoning It dries quickly in small dimensions, slowly in large ones.
Workability It works well on the lathe and with the chisel. 
Use A popular wood for turnery, carving, cabinet making and furniture.
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