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Back and Sides for acoustic guitars
What We Do And For Whom
  • This company locates and selects in Southern Africa and Madagascar, logs of the very best quality, likely to be processed as precious timbers.
  • The selected logs are supplied by local private and public companies, with whom we have been co-operating closely for years. 
  • Wood-working takes place in Midrand, near Johannesburg and in Antananarivo on the Island of Madagascar.
  • The processing of such extremely hard woods requires the best available wood-working machinery, among which horizontal and vertical band-saws, panel and rip-saws, planing machine, band sanders and blades sharpeners.
  • This specialised and capital intensive machinery is from internationally recognised leading manufacturers, Woodmizer from the USA, Casolin from Italy, Felder from Austria, TCM of Japan. TCT blades are imported from Köhlne, Germany. Dust extraction is ensured by dedicated equipment.
  • The factory and field staff is managed by Wood Technologists with recognised South African, Technikum qualifications.
  • Marketing and sales is carried out at personalised top-level relationships with leading European and North-American manufacturers of woodwinds and string instruments, respectively with importer-wholesalers of turnery woods.
  • Wholesaler relationships have been established in France, England and USA.
  • In line with the development of E-Commerce and the availability of competitive rates for consolidated freight from South Africa, direct supplies have become feasible, irrespective of the destination of the consignments. Less than a container load, handled as consolidated sea freight, will reach our clients anywhere in the world, within a few weeks.
  • Company Management has been entrusted to an Economist with an IMD-MBA and more than 25 years’ experience in international business.   


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