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Back and Sides for acoustic guitars
What We Stand For

ProSono makes you enjoy the following benefits:

  1. A permanent source of supply of top quality African Blackwood, (dalbergia melanoxylon), the timber of excellence for the manufacture of woodwind instruments.
  2. Mopane for those makers of woodwindinstruments that need a quality alternative at an affordable price.
  3. Highly rated turnery woods, pink ivory, wild olive and sandalwood also called tamboti. Others specie are presently under evaluation.
  4. Two additional African tone woods, ebony and palissandre, which are the standards in their particular use in stringed and woodwind instruments.
  5. A sizeable stock of rested musical grade parts and sets, for clarinets, bagpipes, oboes, flutes, English horns, in all common sizes, kept in a controlled environment for up to five years. Johannesburg is at 1.600 meters above sea level. It enjoys a dry climate year around.
  6. Flexible logistics enable us to ship less than container a load (LCY) at competitive rates. Clients can be reached anywhere in the world within a few weeks.
  7. Unique Master grade, guitars backs and sides of African Blackwood, Pink ivory, Mopane Colophospermum and Palissandre of Madagascar.
  8. Solid, exotic floorings that create high class atmosphere in reception areas, board-rooms, restaurants, lounges and African settings. Quality hand-made items like tea trays, cutting and cheese boards.
  9. The proximity of the timbers resources, as well as our industrial set-up in South Africa, essential for quality processing, enable us to offer parts and sets of precious acoustic timbers of top quality at affordable prices. We can provide references of satisfied customers in more than 30 countries, worldwide.



ProSono has implemented a very strict quality process we are proud of. At ProSono, quality starts in the forestry operation and not at the entrance of the factory. Presence on the spot and continuous supervision by knowledgeable, trained and motivated personnel is the only way to achieve consistency of results under African field conditions.

In the factory the manufacturing process is analysed, checked for results and modified if need be. The blanks are checked when stored and once again at the time of packing. Discarded parts include those with crack or slit, rot, discoloration, flower or other natural defects. If any, sapwood is only accepted in the angles of the blanks, outside the turning circle. Care is taken that waxing of parts is free of air bubbles! 



ProSono is not to maximise pricing but to develop relationships that can maximise benefits for both sides, in terms of quality, reliability and created value.

Pricing is function of size and composition of the order indeed we always factor in the recovery percentage achieved from an order. As a result, we are the most competitive, when a balanced composition of small, medium and large parts, respectively complete sets, are ordered.

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