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Back and Sides for acoustic guitars
<h1>Turning blanks</h1> Wood turning squares & bowl blanks, precious and rare Turnery Woods

We are processing African Blackwood, Mopane, Red Ivory, Wild Olive and Sandalwood, also called Tamboti in South Africa , for the turnery fraternity.

Our website mentions more than thirty turnery items, from pens, billiard cues, pepper mills, and chess figures to salad bowls, music, jewellery boxes, clock faces and the corresponding blank sizes of choice.

We have worked out a self-pricing worksheet that enables our customers to calculate by themselves what their order will cost as well as the exact volume and price break-down by specie and selected blank sizes.

Possible colour combinations from our timbers:

Dark to light pink from the Red Ivory and brown black from African Blackwood, together with brown lilac tamboti and the distinctive brown-yellow wild olive, and or the reddish-brown mopane.

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