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Back and Sides for acoustic guitars

Joiners, furniture makers, marqueters
We can supply these craftsmen with exotic and rare specie of great natural beauty, like Pink ivory, Mopane, Wild olive, African Blackwood, in various stages of work-process, like planks, boards, turning squares and bowl blanks. We can impart our customers useful information for the use of these rare woods in marquetry work

We try satisfying individual requirements the best we can. We supply burls, top of logs and burrs, provided economics is considered.

Musical instruments of composite material
We can supply finely sifted saw dust of African Blackwood for the making of woodwind and large size fingerboards.

Lovers of solid wood flooring
We make solid flooring of beautiful precious timbers.  The tiles are made of eight mm thick fillets, perfectly planed and carefully assembled by hand. A removable sheet of paper, pasted on top, makes lay-out and easy and quick.www.parquetnoble.co.za

Knives makers
Blanks of African Blackwood and pink ivory that we supply to knives makers are sought because of the stability and non-porous characteristic of the wood.

Pink ivory planks Pink ivory planks for shipment
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