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Red Ivory

Red Ivory
Red Ivory
Red Ivory 1 tone
Botanical name Berchimia zeyheri.
Family Rhamnaceae
Local name Rooi ivoor
English name Red or Pink Ivory
Distribution Native of Southern Africa, it is found from Zimbabwe in the North to the Eastern Cape in the South.
The tree Evergreen, up-to 15 meters tall with a dense and round crown. It grows in open woodland, rocky hillsides and along drainage lines. It is drought resistant and can take light frost. It is a protected tree in South Africa. Special permits are granted for harvesting.
The wood The heartwood ranges from light pink to a dark red colour, the sapwood is yellowish. The heart is very hard and heavy with a density of 1.1 t / m3, when it is air-dried.
Seasoning It dries slowly and doesn’t slit easily due to its oily content.
Workability It works well on the lathe and with the chisel. 
Use Its attractive colouring makes it ideal for carving, turning of wooden bowls, walking sticks, cues and even putters. It is also used for musical instruments, for its decorative value, in drums, woodwinds and ornamentals.





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