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Back and Sides for acoustic guitars
<h1>Pink Ivory</h1>

Unique South African timber, in the Zulu Kingdom only the King was allowed to wear as ornament. In our capacity of large South-African supplier, we keep an exhaustive stock of bowl blanks and turning squares, for salad bowls, clock dials, cues, walking sticks, knives handles, cutlery, gun stock, putters, etc. and planks for marquetry, fine joinery and inlays.

For those Luthiers, aiming at exclusive classical guitars, we can supply on demand sets of back and sides of different sizes and thickness.
For the makers of woodwind instruments a unique colour for the promotion of your flutes, oboes, etc.

Pink Ivory - Distribution

Native from Southern Africa, Zimbabwe in the North to the Eastern Cape in the South. Evergreen tree, up to 15 meters tall, with dense and round crown, it grows in open woodland and rocky hillsides and along drainpipes. It is drought resistant and can stand light frost. It is a protected tree in South Africa. Special permits are granted for harvesting.

Pink Ivory - Timber

Heartwood ranges from light pink to a dark red colour. Sapwood is yellowish. The heart is very hard and heavy with a density of 1.1 t per m3 when air-dried.

Pink Ivory - Seasoning

It dries slowly and doesn't slit easily. This is probably due to its oily content.

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