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Solid Wood Floor of ebony and mopane

The only know ebony floor still existing to-day can be admired in the Banqueting Hall
Ebony floor at the Banqueting Hall of the Castle of Henri VIII
of the Castle of Henri VIII, in Leeds/England – or might it be our parquet flooring in your house.

We are proud to offer exotic solid wood floor crafted from the finest and most revered African exotic woods the world over!

ParquetNoble® based in Johannesburg South Africa, searches, selects and processes the most precious timber species, namely Ebony, Mopane, Red ivory and Sandalwood.

Our initial focus was to serve the manufacturers of musical instruments world-wide. Since then, we have extended our activities to the production of wood parquet floor made of the same exotic woods. They are hand-made hardwood floors.

For those living close by, our show-house is located in Fourways, North of Johannesburg. Visitation by appointment (082) 652.07.47.

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