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Back and Sides for acoustic guitars

Botanical name Dalbergia graveana
Family Fabaceae
Local name Voamboana
English name Madagascar Palissandre
Distribution North-western part and eastern coast of the Island of Madagascar
The tree Up to 18-22 m tall at maturity and 40-50 cm in diameter. It is found in coastal areas and low laying hills up to 1000 meters
The wood The heartwood is lilac to reddish-brown.  It has streaks from brown to black. The texture of the wood is fine. Its density varies from 0.85 to 0.92 t / m3
Seasoning It dries quickly with the tendency of shrinking
Workability It works well on the lathe and with chisel
Use In joinery, fine furniture, solid flooring and stringed instruments. Its good workability and acoustic are appreciated


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