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Madagascar ebony

Madagascar ebony Botanical name Diospyros gracilipes
Family Ebenaceae
Local name Hazomainty
English name Madagascar ebony
Distribution North western part and eastern coast of the Island of Madagascar.
The tree Medium size 12-15 meters tall, diameter of 30-40 cm, is found in dense tropical forests, predominantly in high humidity areas.
The wood The heartwood is perfectly black, with some times white streaks. The grain is extremely fine, almost invisible. The timber is hard of a density from 0.9 to 1.1 t / m3. Wide sapwood of white or light yellowish colour.
Seasoning In small dimensions, dries well, fairly quickly, with little tendency to split or distort.
Workability Difficult workability, for being abrasive to tools.
Use For inlays, top quality joinery, sculptures, fingerboards of stringed instruments, chin rests, pegs and bow parts.
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