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Mission Statement

This company was founded in 1994 with the purpose of adding value to the export of indigenous timber specie from Southern Africa and Madagascar. We presently employ a team of Wood Technologists, Economists, and Wood working machinists in South Africa, Mozambique and Madagascar.

We are fully dedicated to nature conservation, sustainable timber harvesting and processing for the benefit of the local communities, in terms of job creation, training and socio-economic development.

We have focused our activities on seven timber specie that provide the best added value, together with the smallest impact on nature.

  • African Blackwood /  dalbergia melanoxylon
  • Mopane /  colophospermum
  • Pink ivory /  berchimia zeyheri
  • Wild olive /  olea africana
  • Sandalwood /  spirostachys africana
  • Ebony /  dalbergia graveana
  • Rosewood (Palissandre) /  dalbergia graveana

Timber  specie
X : major use
O : limited use
Tonewood for woodwinds Tonewood for stringed instruments For turners and carvers For solid flooring and hand-made items
African Blackwood X O X X
Mopane X O X X
Red Ivory O O X O
Wild Olive O   X  
Sandalwood O   X  
Ebony from Madagascar   X X X
Palissandre from Madagascar O X X X

  • Wood-working takes place in Midrand, near Johannesburg and in Antananarivo on the Island of Madagascar.
  • ProSono fully adheres to the principles of www.cites.org on the protection of endangered specie. We care for the best added-value and consequently won’t export logs or any unprocessed timbers outside Southern Africa.

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