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Back and Sides for acoustic guitars
<H1>African hardwoods, African Blackwood</H1>

We search, select and process African Blackwood, Mopane, Red Ivory, Wild Olive and Sandalwood also called Tamboti in South-Africa for the making of musical instruments, the turnery fraternity and parquet flooring.

Our web site mentions more than thirty turnery applications, from pens, billiard cues, pepper mills, chess figures to salad bowls, music-boxes, clock faces and the corresponding blank sizes of choice.

We have worked out a self- pricing-worksheet, enabling our customer to calculate by themselves how much their orders would cost, and the exact volume in cubic decimetres and price break-down by specie and sizes.

Suggested Colour combinations of African woods:
Dark pink ivory with dark black ebony together with brown lilac tamboti and the distinctive brown-yellow wild olive, and/or the reddish-brown mopane.

For the manufacturer of woodwind instruments, we stand for a permanent source of quality African Blackwood and of mopane for those in search of a quality alternative at an affordable price.

For the luthiers, unique master grade backs and sides of guitars, of African Blackwood, Pink Ivory and Mopani Colophospermum.

ProSono has implemented a very strict quality process that we are proud of. At ProSono, the quality starts in the forestry operation and not at the entrance of the factory. Presence on the spot and continuous supervision by knowledgeable, trained and motivated personnel is the only way to achieve consistency of results in African field conditions.

In the factory the manufacturing process is analysed, checked for results and modified if need be. The blanks are checked at the time of storage and once again at the time of packing. Discarded parts include parts with crack or slit, rot, discoloration, flower or other defects of the timber. If any sapwood, it is only accepted in the angles of the blanks, outside the turning circle. Waxing of parts must be free of air bubbles.  

Clients, Joiners, marqueters and lovers of hardwood flooring

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