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Back and Sides for acoustic guitars
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We offer acoustic wood for those Luthiers aiming at top quality of studio guitars. African Blackwood offers the following outstanding features and benefits for the construction of classical and steel stringed guitars.

  • Owing to the extreme density of the timber, the back plate of the guitar body has an outstanding reflective capacity.
  • The fact that the timber is non porous, it doesn't absorb humidity, which improves the sustain of the instrument.
  • Backs can be milled down to 2.3mm and sides 1.8 mm, the sturdy timber guarantees structurally very sound guitars.
  • Fine and closed grain, it will require no filling if spray finishing or very little if French polishing is chosen.

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Luthier woods - Availability
Our strategy is to keep high quality slabs drying on a permanent basis. In most instances, this enables us to carry out orders in a matter of weeks. We keep a waiting list of up to three months and can meet the demand on a first come first served basis.

Some professional Luthiers have been commenting:
African Blackwood is the very best wood for guitar backs and sides it is, at least, equivalent to the very best of the best Brazilian woods, which are more and more scarcely available.
Marc Maingard [marc@guitarsafrica.co.za]

When I measured the moisture content of the timber you sent I was very impressed. Do you always dry it so well?
Rob Aylward [robert.aylward@virgin.net]

The jumbo African Blackwood back and sides turned out to be phenomenal pieces to build from. I am having it built with a red spruce top, a 35 year old piece of black walnut for the neck and other special features.
Joseph Nichols [archangel1usa@yahoo.com]

I received the box yesterday, and it exceeded my expectations. Thanks again for all your help.
Elias Poulson [elias@aritapoulson.com]
  Acoustic and Luthier woods

We supply guitar back and sides of other exotic species, with similar high density, like Pink Ivory, Mopane and Malagachi Palissandre.

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