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Back and Sides for acoustic guitars
African Exotic Woods, Bowl blanks & Turning squares

We are adding value by processing, grading and drying them up, thus creating jobs and up-liftman to the communities.

We are currently processing in our sawmill, African Blackwood, Mopane, Red ivory, Wild olive and Sandalwood, also called Tamboti in South Africa.

Prosono has implemented a very tight quality process that we can be proud of and which starts with the forestry operation and not just at the door of our saw mill. Our presence on the spot and the continuous supervision by experienced, trained and motivated personnel is the only way that can achieve consistent results under African field conditions.


The operation that is carried out in our saw mill is technically planned for quality and results. All the parts, squares, blanks, bells, blocs, etc. are checked at the time of storage and again when being packed. Discarded parts are those with crack, slit, rot, discoloration, flowers and other defects. Sapwood, if any, is accepted but only in the corners and outside the turning circle. The waxing of parts extremities is free of air bubbles.

We stand for the makers of woodwind instruments, worldwide, as a reliable and permanent source of quality African Blackwood and Mopane, the latter, for all those in search for a quality and competitive alternative.

We can supply to the luthiers , unique, master grade back and sides of guitars, of African Blackwood, Pink ivory and Mopane colophospermum. Our strategy is to have high quality tables at drying stage on a permanent basis.

Our website mentions more than thirty turnery items, from pens, billiard cues, pepper mills, chess figures to salad bowls, jewellery and music boxes, clock dials and, of course, the corresponding blanks of choice.


Clients, Joiners, marqueters and lovers of hardwood flooring


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