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Back and Sides for acoustic guitars

ProSono guarantees the continuous availability of African Blackwood. We keep a large stock of dried and tension free parts that have rested for up to five years.

Powell Flute, a leading US flute maker has commented:

"The very best African Blackwood we received since 1956, when we started to keep records !"



Leading instrument makers have confessed having had as much as 50% of parts rejected from African Blackwood sets, bought, however, from trusted and long established suppliers! This can be explained by the lack of their field presence, the purchase of cheap timber, or the mishandling of first rate timber during field transport, in harbours, in open-air-storage, and during long distance sea transport!

       In Africa the past is quickly forgotten, every day is a new challenge to overcome!

Selection of suppliers

Forestry operation under tropical conditions is taxing men and machinery alike. We do rely, year over, on a number of joint-ventures and local timber operators to source quality logs.

Training of suppliers' staff

Preference is given to operators with whom a stable supply-relationship can be developed. Every year, our field staff members have to train the local staff of our suppliers for the selection and cutting of trees, the transportation and protection techniques. Special care is given to the selection of logs, from an ecological and economical stand-point. Protection of the timber, immediately after cutting and before transportation, is a very important task, carefully checked by our field supervisors.
Presence on the spot and supervision is the only way to achieve consistency of results!


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